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A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helps and supports us! This is just a partial list...

The Roripaugh Foundation

Southern California Edison

Promenade Mall, Temecula

H.E.A.R.T. For Children

Betterworld Foundation

Abbott Laboratories

Southwest Healthcare System & Auxiliary

Rady Children's Hospital San Diego

Temecula Preparatory School

Pacific Western Bank Foundation

... more than we can list here.

Again - THANK YOU!!

thank you!!!!!

1. "Like" us on Facebook and tell your friends to, also! Use this button ---

2. Volunteer! We need help from mature, dedicated volunteers who we can count on. Email phineas@pennypickles.org or stop by to pick up a volunteer application.

3. Give us stuff. Yeah, that sounds weird, but we always need your old sciency books & equipment, Legos, Tinker Toys, Bristle Blocks, and other cool old stuff that we can use for exhibits and the like. And yes. We know you can sell that stuff on eBay but think how much better you'll feel if you know that tons of kids will love it more. We can also greatly use big Costco-sizes of baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, and other things that are too messy for you to play with at home. Email us to see what our latest needs are... phineas@pennypickles.org.

4.  Give us money. Well, that's what nonprofits are all about, right? A lot or a little... we promise we'll do good things with it for the sake of getting kids interested in science. Contact us at phineas@pennypickles.org and we'll be more than happy to take your money. We especially want your money if you are a big company and would like to partner with us in a cool way. Getting more girls interested in science is a BIG passion of ours... just saying.

you can help in these ways... pick one... or all!

 to help children and their families discover a love of science through play and

to support events, programming, exhibits, and future goals of Pennypickle's Workshop,
Temecula's Children's Museum.

The mission of the
Friends of the Temecula Children's Museum...

The Friends of the Temecula Children’s Museum help to create an immersive and memorable experience for visitors through the character of Professor Pennypickle, while providing a way for children to become interested in science through play.

As science programs in the traditional school setting are becoming overshadowed by heavy emphasis on math and reading, it is increasingly important to provide innovative resources so that children are exposed to science basics. Through hands-on experiments and discovery, plus the elusive and intriguing persona of Professor Pennypickle and his Workshop, the Friends of the Temecula Children’s Museum hope to inspire children to become more interested in science while they are having lots of fun.

SOME examples of what the Friends do... operate and manage Pennypickle's, the gift shop at the Workshop (proceeds of items sold help support programming and other needs); fundraising; organize birthday parties, science clubs, science fairs, etc.

The Friends of the Temecula Children's Museum

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