With several different party packages available and the Professor's and Beaker's help, you are bound to have an unforgettably fun celebration!

Call 951-308-6376 for more information and to reserve your party date today.

birthday parties

See the Busy-ness Schedule to help
plan your fun visit!

Don't forget to book your birthday party TODAY! Call 951-308-6376 for information.

​​Hello! Ready to discover some science and be amazed at the world around you? While you PLAY??  There are many things happening at my Workshop and you won't want to miss anything.

My Birthday Bash will take place on Sunday, February 11 and you're invited, of course. Then there's the reveal of my car during Temecula's upcoming Rod Run... the car used to belong to my father, and it's very rare. You can see it and join us at "Playing With Cars" on March 3.  Call 951-308-6376 for info or to pre-purchase tickets.

If you haven't already, please visit my home-Workshop soon and enjoy my wacky and wonderful gizmos and gadgets. If you can't manage an outing in person, this virtual visit will have to do.

I have been very busy working on several inventions during my customary schedule of traveling through time and visiting other countries, so if you don't see me at the Workshop, you'll understand, I am sure. Who am I, you say? See more about me here...


Gift shop

Field trips

It's the most fun place to shop anytime!

The Professor's little shop is filled with unique and fascinating objects for your enjoyment and shopping pleasure. He is fond of time travel, of course, so you'll find some unusual clocks. Optics, magnets, and light sources are favorites, as well as science kits & implements including microscopes. Impulse items are everywhere,
and most of them are only $5.

Call or visit to find out how you and your
family can enjoy Pennypickle's Workshop for an entire year... or give a membership
to someone you love!

Group rates are $4 per person... you can find out more about group visits here

or call 951-308-6370.

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