Professor Pennypickle has a HUGE surprise in store for his visitors as he reveals his new Adventure Room exhibit... he and Beaker have taken the lead from their good friend Doctor Who and invented their own version of the TARDIS. It's called the SATTA (Space and Time Travel Apparatus), which can whisk them AND YOU into who knows where in space and time. You could end up on the moon. Or somewhere in the galaxy.

By the way, the Professor's little sidekick Beaker has his own nano-version, called the SATTA-LITE. You'll have to see if you can spot it somewhere in the Workshop... it's kind of glitchy and we never know where it'll end up. :-)

​5:30-7:30 pm,

$5 per person over 24 months

The Workshop is open certain Friday nights for fun family science adventures. Be sure to join us often - there's always a surprise in store! 

PLEASE NOTE that our next Explore Science Night will be Friday, July 12 for the Science of Bikes.

Astronaut explorer lab

Friday, July 19, 3-5 pm

You'll feel like you're becoming a real astronaut when you start doing science like packing a space telescope, discovering impact craters, playing the Mars Rover game, making an electroscope, and messing around with other space-oriented experiments.

We're celebrating our 15th anniversary!

science of bikes

Friday, July 12, 5:30-7:30 pm
$5 per person
Join the Bike Shop to see how bicycles work and how your body works when you ride one. This will be super fun!


Scientist-in-training Lab

Friday, August 2, 3-5 pm 

Ok, you like to watch experiments, but don't you also like to DO them? Well, you need some special instructions if you want to be scientists like the Professor's Assistants! We'll have to be sure you have a lab coat and goggles, and then the fun will begin!! (Moms, you'll want to take pictures when you pick them up!)  

kids only Clubs!!

$25/ per class; must be 5-10ish yrs old. This is a drop-off themed series of events that are so exciting you'll want your children to attend all of them! Be sure to register EARLY. Call 951-308-6376 for tickets and if you have any questions.​

Monday madness

​The Workshop will be OPEN selected Mondays - check here for dates!

Adults are required to accompany their children at all events (except GIRLS ONLY AND KIDS ONLY CLUBS).

Download the latest Events flyer (May-Nov 2019) pdf here

Are you a member??

You can be for only $25 per person. You'll receive unlimited regular session admission for one year. Call 951-308-6376 or ask for membership information at the gift shop desk.


Discover Science through play

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