Discover Science through play
the music room

Perception & Illusion
This is the Illusionator. It used to be the Professor's bed, but oh, well. Now he sleeps in a hammock. Go under the picket fence and you will become a human kaleidoscope!

The bedroom

Time and Travel
Looks like the Time Machine is not in use at the moment... wonder where the Professor is? The fireplace, which you can't see in this picture, is a secret passage into the mysterious black light Maze Room leading who knows where....

The Library

A peek at Professor Pennypickle's workshop

Perhaps you are curious about Pennypickle's Workshop, the Professor's home. Here's a little preview of a few rooms...

There's more!  Not shown:

the dining room

Power & Electricity
The Professor uses this room to tinker with electricity and lights. The Electrolight-o-later chandelier is not your typical light fixture, as you can see. How do you turn it on? The antique pie safe, of course! Each switch and knob will turn on a different bulb. The glass panels on the cabinet are filled with static electricity... all the more fun to touch, my dear....

the kitchen

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Sound and Vibrations

Playing one instrument at a time was not enough for the Professor, so he turned a grand piano into the Philharmonica-matic, which plays many different instruments!

That Beaker! He's always hiding! Maybe you can spot him when you visit the Workshop.

He could be anywhere...

Are you Beaker's friend on Facebook? Look for Beakerham Bettermouse IV... aka Beaker!

Chemistry and Physics
It's kind of messy, but what did you expect?

The sink is filled with powerful magnets, the pizza twister is covered with boxes, you can see a little bit of the peanut butter & jelly sandwich-making machine, and let's not even talk about the refrigerator.